Giulia Mion

Integral Guide to the Feminine. Dancer, mother of three children, a tightrope walker and tireless lover of life through the songs and steps of Existence.

My mission is to help people to achieve well-being, to root the pleasure of life in them, activating the innate “medicine” present in every cell that makes us a perfect original, a unity between animal, human and divine . Our body is our first temple. We are Goddesses and Gods incarnate!


Guide and mentor for the sacred feminine, integral cyclicity, sacred sexuality and dance. Dancer, trainer and mom. I have been involved in oriental dance, belly dance in pregnancy and postpartum and Feminine for twenty years through groups, seminars, performances and workshops. After graduating in Artistic Techniques of Theater and Performing Arts in 2002, in 2003 I created the system DANZA DELLA DEA ® (ancestral dance of the womb and integrated system of techniques).

I am Moon Mother® Level 3 and Mentor (Miranda Gray’s system),  Usui Reiki Master and teacher of Alchemical Breathing/Sacred Sexuality® and Ovarian Breathing/Female Alchemy® (Sajeeva Hurtado’s system), facilitator in Male Cyclicity (Paul Urquia and Zulma Moreyra’s system). I have collaborated with several important institutions and professionals in recent years, creating a strong network of support in Italy.

In 2012 I created the first belly dance in pregnancy video course for mothers in italian language, to provide tools that can support them in such a delicate and unique passage. In 2014 I started the project Red Tent in Pordenone. In 2017 I created the project Man and the 4 keys of feeling© to help men in their path of awareness and continue to build the foundations for a society based on harmony and collaboration between sexes.

In recent years I helped hundreds of women to find themselves and tirelessly continue my personal growth to create a network, to spread the knowledge and be as supportive as possible. In December 2020 my first book was published: “L’Alchimia del Piacere” Edizioni Unsolocielo, dedicated to the cyclical nature of sexual energy and the rediscovery of sexuality as a tool for an integral well-being. You are welcome!

With love, Giulia


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